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Smart watch definition

Update:2016/5/11 9:14:56 Views:17

Smart watches, just as the name suggests is the built-in intelligent watch system, equipped with a smart phone system connected to the network to achieve more functions, can synchronize the phone in the phone, SMS, mail, photos, music, etc.. March 2013 media reports, apple, Samsung, Google and other technology giants will be released later in 2013 smart watches. With the impact of international fashion trends, the development of science and technology of domestic smart watches have also listed.

Currently on the market of smart watches can be broadly divided into two kinds:

1. Insert SIM card does not support: relying on Bluetooth connectivity to achieve a smart phone, and can synchronize the operation of mobile phones in the phone, SMS, mail, photos, music, etc.

2. Insert sim card: independent card phone, nature is watches form of smart phones; the market most of the use of Android system.

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