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Power bank - Product maintenance

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You can use the following principles:
1. Don't charge for a long period of time (this is not very important, because the regular charger or charging on the computer is intelligent, full stop), especially with the so-called universal charger or poor charger.
2. In to charge the battery, try to use a dedicated outlet, do not such as TV charger share household electrical appliances socket, especially small volume socket. This is not very important, because the charger can tolerate voltage fluctuations and under voltage charging.
3. Do not expose the battery to a high temperature or cold.
4. Do not allow excessive depletion of the battery, to remind the charge to charge in a timely manner.
5. Don't long battery.

The following is for reference:

6. Battery in the first use to fully discharge after charging.

7. To ensure a full charge and discharge (non lithium battery) per month.

8. Try not to use fast charge.

9. Do not use a charger.

10. Try not to charge the phone when the phone is still open (lithium battery problem is not).

11. If the cell phone battery is not used for a long time, it is best to apply to the mobile phone maintenance department to make an activation process for the battery.

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