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Power bank - The relationship between the capacity and the actual charging times

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Power bank for charging the mobile phone is not only simple capacity divided by capacity, but a lot of people will misunderstand, since all mobile power need to go through the appeal process, so greater capacity of the conversion rate the higher the mobile power presumably better and more practical.

Actual power

Commercially available mobile power battery core standard voltage generally maintained at around 3.7V, therefore 10000 Ma mobile power and the actual power of 3.7V * 10000mAh=37000Wh, and mobile phone charging voltage is 5V, according to the law of conservation of energy and power in mobile will output current boost for 5V, the mobile power supply capacitor for 37000Wh 83019 5V=7400mAh.

Conversion rate

Here the 7400mAh phone is not income of final energy, power in mobile phone charging process, circuit board and boost security chip operation will consume a part of power, so the mobile power conversion rate in general is about 85%, calculated in accordance with 85%, the mobile power supply the actual maximum output power for 7400mAh×85%=6290mAh。

Environmental impact and wire loss:

Then the phone can get electricity is not above the income of 6290mAh. Because of the influence of air humidity and temperature environment, mobile power in the process of charging the phone will have a part of loss and the data line itself in the process of energy transfer will because of the occurrence of resistance and loss of energy, so the final can reach mobile electricity will be lower than the 6290mAh.

Mobile phone itself down:

Mobile phone battery power and mobile power supply was maintained at about 3.7 V, so the mobile power transmission over the power will be in the phone itself was once a step-down treatment. This process there is no doubt will lose some of the electricity, which is why a lot of mobile phones in the charging time may have a fever.

Mobile operating state:

In addition to buck, the state of the mobile phone during the charging process will also affect the actual number of charging mobile power. If in the process of charging the phone is play games, watch videos, listen to music, reading novels, such as high power consumption state, it will further affect the mobile power supply for charging the mobile phone. The actual number of times; if the phone is in daily standby state, to the actual number of charge cycles also certain influence.

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