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Method for opening mobile power supply (charging treasure) LED lighting lamp

Update:2016/5/16 9:43:34 Views:15

Power bank with LED lights, has brought a lot of convenience to modern life, but today, there are some consumers don't know much about mobile power supply (charging PO) of LED lights use method, briefly describes as follows:

1. Quickly press the two button to turn on the LED light, and then quickly turn off the LED light at two times.

2. According to the "control" button until the LED lights light up again after the release, press the control button to "LED lights out after release.

3. LED lighting lamp with SOS (emergency signal)(For example, the company's LJJ-012,URL:http://www.ljj-tech.com/product/18650pk/1-2pk/263.html),General switch process is: fast by two button LED lights, again according to the explosion of a SOS Dodge, according to slow to duck a SOS according to a closed LED lights.

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