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Bank power into a little water, how to do?

Update:2016/5/16 9:38:18 Views:23

General charging Baodu is not waterproof, so do not charge the treasure into the water in, otherwise it will short-circuit and burn charging treasure. If charging treasure indeed into a little water how to do it? First, confirm that it is short circuited and burnt, confirm that it is short circuited and burnt do not use the method to charge it, nor can it charge the mobile phone, but to the eye view nose, to see if there was smoke, or whether the appearance because of the high temperature deformation of the place, whether there is a smell burning smell if there is any of the above phenomenon, that the charge treasure burned out, don't use it; if there is no such phenomenon, that the charge treasure may not burn out, put it in a dry and ventilated place, such as the balcony, let it slowly in the shade (about two or three days), or use hair dryer blowing low gear charging port treasure and discharge port, and then put in the balcony to let it dry (about 1 days).

Finally, to find a less important phone, try to charge the phone. If you can charge your phone let it, until the inside of the electric put all finished, and then to charge the charging treasure, but in the beginning to pay attention to safety, if have an unpleasant taste quickly pulled out the charging head, cut off the power supply, continue to put the balcony drying.

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