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2016 solar energy charging treasure factory and mobile power manufacturers began to pick up

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2012 to 2014 period, Shenzhen mobile power supply manufacturers about more than 20000, broadly divided into three categories. First, manufacturers, accounting for about 1%; second class and medium manufacturers, accounting for about 10%; the third class and those without any formalities of individual family workshops, and although the individual business license but completely manual welding of individual investors, such as Huaqiang North many file export.

Mobile power market is great, but the three categories of staff join, disrupt the market order and deceived many dealers or the final consumer eyes, they use rusty used batteries, cement electrical core, sandbags and iron posing as good batteries, the protective plate without any protective measures, to very low prices left to the market, many dealers in the pursuit of profit maximization, frantically sales of such products, and many consumers itself and yield to the temptation of cheap, are crazy to buy such products. Therefore, as the three kinds of production personnel, they earned the large profits, and then fled. For example, many of the nominal 10000, 50 thousand, 80 thousand, 100 thousand, 300 thousand, 800 thousand, Ma when the mobile power supply, the price is only 10-60 a few dollars a bag, about this product.

The first type of mobile power supply manufacturers, because they have a wide range of sales channels, although they are very expensive, but also earned a lot of profit.

Bitter is the second charging treasure manufacturers, they are struggling to keep principles and rules, without virtual object, not false, seeking truth from facts, dealers too they are expensive, but oneself also not too good sales channels, they are struggling to shore, struggling to defend the integrity of the operating rules. Therefore, the mobile power plant is actually annual losses.

The third kind of personnel spoiler and first class mobile power plant is difficult, since the beginning of 2014, third people gradually abandoned by the market, they went bankrupt or turned to other fields to the spoiler, second kinds of mobile power supply manufacturers most insist not to live, they have to change jobs, the first factory in charge treasure this feeling lower profits, also do not have mobile power, they have a strong market information, they have also diverted to other profiteering products area, since then, the rest of the class is second although the annual loss but can adhere to the hard, although the market skeez rampant mobile power supply manufacturers but still can stick to the rules, although now the price is very low and almost no profits, but the market still exists, therefore, the rest is mobile power plant in the elite, the existing mobile power supply manufacturer is about 200-400 Around, and previous 20000 compared, number is simply the difference. Therefore, their order gradually increased, prices gradually rise, profits gradually began to have. Mobile power plant mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, I wish the rest can still stick to the development guidelines.

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