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Shenzhen mobile power supply manufacturers of winter comes again

Update:2016/5/14 9:41:38 Views:43

Since the beginning of November 2015. The battery raw materials manufacturers and battery manufacturers broke the battery to the price of the rumors, but as our mobile power supply manufacturer, who also dare not do too much inventory, one is because of the pressure of funds, secondly, it is because the pressure of the risk, so we have been in the wait-and-see, the mentality is prices on the price, because price increases we have no too many measures and ability to influence or change the behavior of the market to market, waiting for is something only you can do.

Beginning in 2016, battery does the price, this for Shenzhen mobile power supply manufacturer (Shenzhen used to call mobile power supply manufacturers and other local customs said charging Po factory) is indeed worse, because mobile power industry since 2009 began to prevail, 2012 and 2013, reach the top, 2014 and 2015, the vicious competition leads to a large number of mobile power plants have closed down or diverted, the horrors of that time can be referred to as mobile power industry of the economic crisis, of course, the closure or diverted is not accidental, main reason is:

1. These manufacturers in order to reduce the cost, use inferior batteries or secondary batteries even with fake batteries (cement electric core, with sandbags or iron take charge core), resulting in mobile power into disposable supplies;

2. These manufacturers themselves do not have the concept of quality and awareness, do not pay attention to quality control, resulting in product performance and appearance quality is very poor, hurt the customer's heart;

3. Actually, of which a large part of the fundamental question of manufacturers, because they have no factories, just rent a place, in the home or the counter just assemble a, they do not have the production site, the no production equipment, testing instrument, there is no quality control, this part of the so-called "factory" with the rotten core or counterfeit batteries, without any test or test level and ability is very poor, what about the quality?

4. Vacuity seriously, many manufacturers capacity severe vacuity, take Taobao, standard 5 million milli ampere hour 29 yuan package mail, labeled with 38 million Ma 39 yuan package mail, 80 million Ma 39 yuan package mail and vacuity of the outrageous not the ancients before, can say crazy;

5. Consumers irrational also leads to the disorder of the market, many consumers feel look alike, the others the price is so low, you why the price to more expensive than others. Therefore, a rarity in nominal capacity price low products to buy, which corresponding to the achievements of the most sinister business HeiXinQian.

Above all, will lead to most mobile power "manufacturers" accelerated failure, today, after 2014 and 2015 shuffle, the rest of the mobile power supply manufacturers that see a turnaround for the dawn of the surplus, actually otherwise, the price of batteries, winter comes again, but as a mobile power supply manufacturers, in addition to accept the choice and mobile power supply manufacturers dare to customers the price? Itself is the loss of products now cost and increase the, and prices do not have the guts to dare to rise, thanks to more, mobile power supply manufacturers really winter coming.

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