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LJJ TECH Look past life and life, From quality assurance to technical innovation

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Because of smart phones and tablet computers and other modern people commonly used electronic product life time is relatively short, we can always provide supplementary power of mobile power has been including the favor of many digital player, most people, mobile power market also rapidly popular. A large number of brands and all kinds of mobile power products influx of enriching the mobile power supply market. But you in the use of mobile power, perhaps opponents in the mobile power is not enough to understand, today we simply with everybody together to look at the development of mobile power products about mobile power appearance design and technical innovation of the change, feeling interested friends may wish to look at.

Open the search engine input mobile power ", I believe you can easily know the meaning of it: mobile power, also known as" external battery "," external battery "," battery backup "," digital charge partner "," charging Po ", which is developed with the popularity of digital products and the rapid growth, and its definition is: easy to carry portable power supply, can charge at any time for a variety of digital products. Mobile power is the current battery technology has not made a breakthrough in the background, can effectively solve the high frequency of the use of digital products brought about by the best solution to the problem of life.

There are many brands of mobile power supply, and here we do not discuss the price and brand of mobile power supply, but the main factors affecting the quality of mobile power supply are briefly introduced. Currently on the market, the use of mobile power supply battery mainly has 18650 lithium batteries and lithium polymer batteries. 18650 lithium battery standard voltage is 3.7V, with small size, large capacity, before the main in the high-end products such as laptop computers. 18650 lithium battery, which belongs to the liquid battery, if there is no perfect process, there is indeed a certain explosion risk. Therefore, if the purchase of the 18650 lithium battery as the electric core mobile power consumers is the best choice by Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and other international giants, the 18650, use of these giant cell mobile power discharge performance and stability, stable life time and through the excellent design of the circuit achieve security, probability of occurrence of explosion is very low.

The standard voltage of the polymer lithium battery is also 3.7 V, and its internal lithium ion material is paste, so it can have a variety of shapes, and has the characteristics of a custom, a large capacity. Lithium polymer batteries in the structure of the plastic flexible packaging, don't to the liquid core of the metal shell, once the security hidden danger, liquid explosive batteries, and polymer batteries might only tambour. The weight of polymer lithium battery than the same volume of steel shell lithium battery light about 40%, and the internal resistance of the lithium polymer battery small, the colloid electrolyte discharge performance is steady, is currently in the mobile power products is the most widely used batteries.

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