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Portable electronic products with lithium ion batteries and battery safety requirements

Update:2015/9/19 9:48:46 Views:17

In recent years, many domestic electronic manufacturing enterprises have been involved in the mobile power industry, which greatly meets the needs of consumers. However, in the mobile power market continues to boom, product quality and safety problems have occurred.

It is gratifying to note that the national mandatory standards for lithium ion battery safety have been introduced and will be implemented in August 1st this year. The standard number of this standard is GB 31241-2014, which is called "safety requirements for lithium ion batteries and batteries for portable electronic products", which contains more than 30 data indicators. Although it is not the mobile power standard, but because the lithium ion battery is a mobile power supply (belonging to equipment) the safety critical components, so after the implementation of the standards, the lithium ion battery for mobile power should also meet the requirements of quality and safety of mobile power supply will be standardized to a certain extent. In addition, special national standard for mobile power "information technology equipment" general specification for portable digital mobile power has also been the National Standards Commission issued a plan, drafted by the China Electronics Standardization Institute of the lead organization, I believe from the official introduction of the time should not too long.

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