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LJJ solar mobile power / solar charging treasure how to carry out their own charging?

Update:2016/5/16 9:25:10 Views:50

The company production of solar mobile power / solar charging treasure products by Cengcengbaguan detection, including the actual effect, solar solar charging in 100W light charging effect has the actual test, the solar mobile power plant (solar charging treasure) is really useful, its own way of charging are the following:
1. solar charging, placed in the sun under the sun, such as balcony, roof, hanging in the backpack can be, the stronger the sun, the better the effect, the sun and solar panels closer to the angle of 90 degrees, the better the effect;
2. 5V DC charging, charging head available 5V output (also called charger, also called power adapter) to solar mobile power (solar charging treasure) charging, such as mobile phone original charger. The company can charge line configuration of the charge / discharge wire, can also use the original mobile phone data line.

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