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Shenzhen solar energy charging treasure / mobile power production and processing factory

Update:2016/5/14 17:53:42 Views:29

Shenzhen LJJ Technology Co., Ltd. since 2012, which began production mobile solar power solar power bank, at that time, domestic demand is low, we on solar charging treasure still do not know what, when our major customers in Japan. Japanese customers are more likely to do business, long-term vision, rich experience in sales, they commissioned company for the production and processing, printed on their logo. Then they name of Japanese products sold worldwide.

Since then, I began the company's solar charging treasure (then called solar charger, charger solar) research and development and production. In 2009, when Huaqiang North the counter sold solar mobile power supply, Taobao sell solar charging treasure from almost all in the factory, at that time not many styles, but shipments of amount is very large, in short supply, factory is working overtime production, very busy.

In 2012, in Guangzhou to establish a branch, is mainly responsible for factory solar charging treasure in Guangzhou sales, and apply for the registration of the trademark "LJJ", "LTS", a key step toward the factory product brand.

In 2013, the company relocated to Guanlan Town, plant area of 2800 square meters, 8 to 16 meters long lines, for the development of domestic and foreign customers developed dozens of beautiful and practical solar charging treasure products.

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