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Custom mobile power to eliminate false targets, LJJ mobile power plant is your weapon

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Now more and more friends to go out, travel, will bring a charge treasure, not only portable and convenient, but also to avoid the "power off" trouble. The necessaries of life for many people that in recent years, with the popularization of charging treasure and useful, it can be said, so, no matter is a gift to friends and family, or enterprises and institutions, such as the payment of benefits, charging treasure do for the gift is very popular, market demand has tremendous business opportunities. Also, given the gift charging Po quality supervision can be described as the blank, by corporate conscience, especially enterprises, procurement of charging treasure quality identification can be described as nothing, the measure standard is the price, charging treasure water is deep, now we have learned 12,, mobile electric power plant business, can be described as varied, fish in troubled waters numerous. The gift of mobile power safety can not do. In here, the general small make up to introduce the work principle of charging treasure,

Power bank core:

It is well known that when the basic unit of the capacity of the lithium ion battery is Ma, it is defined as the current generated by the full discharge at a certain discharge time. For example, 1000 Ma when the battery is fully discharged within 1 hours of the current is 1000 MA (mA). MA (mAh) is the main unit of ampere hour (Ah) of small units, namely 1Ah=1000mAh.

Power bank Output capacity:

The majority of mobile power is designed to allow users to go out, the role of providing analog charging adapter for mobile phones and other devices to charge the operation. And at present the mainstream mobile phone charging voltage is USB interface standard voltage, 5V, so the current market we can see almost all of the mobile power supply are equipped with a standard USB interface, is able to provide a standard 5V output voltage. For mobile power supply, its internal circuit board is the biggest role is able to 3.7V voltage state of lithium ion battery energy conversion to become we need to use the 5V voltage. According to the law of conservation of energy, a parameter of 3.7V/1000mAh lithium battery (energy of 3.7Wh) after conversion to 5V voltage, its theoretical capacity is 740mAh, that is, (3.7V*1Ah=5V*0.74Ah=3.7Wh). 

In the mobile power industry, virtual standard problem has become one of the most consumers in the purchase of one of the factors before. Due to the current mobile power industry standards and the lack of industry confusion, coupled with lack of consumer awareness of mobile power products itself, a direct result of the some want to use mobile power supply consumer misgivings, but as long as you grasp the above three points would not worry about buy be the subject of the capacity of mobile power supply. The actual total capacity of the internal battery is 8275mAh, so in the mobile power industry, we usually say that the virtual standard is actually a mobile power supply inside the core capacity to be less than the nominal value of the manufacturer.

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