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LJJ solar charging treasure production and processing factory LJJ-S005 solar energy mobile power fun

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1. DC charging: voltage regulator 5V input, charging current 965mA (voltage of 3.6V, mobile power display two power), high power lights flashing.

2. Solar charging (charging time indicator light):

March 1, 2016 Beijing time 11:00am under the sun, the charging current is 100-120mA.

100W incandescent lamp distance 10cm charging current of about 130-160mA.

3. Cutoff voltage: 4.2V.


The output voltage of the two output ports are basically the same.

1. with a constant current 1.2A to test the mobile power supply, load test instrument display data for 4.95V, read the USB port voltage is 5.05V.

2. discharge cut-off voltage: 3.3V

press-button control

Press the button once to power the lights and displays the remaining power; the combo button two times, the lights lit.

Short circuit protection


Over current protection


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